How To Get More Followers On Instagram Using The Top Method Most Instagram Managers Won't Share

Organic Instagram growth is getting more and more difficult. Action blocks mean simply following accounts in bulk for your Instagram follower growth is not sustainable. They will block you from following before you’ve even hit 500 followers. On top of that, the bulk follows method is somewhat controversial. 

The “right” way to do it is a little more complex, and takes a little more time, but produces better results and staves off the action block. All the experts are saving this method for their eBooks and premium videos. It’s been elusive until now. I’m going to share what I call the “Like-Comment-Follow Method,” and your organic Instagram growth will never hit a snag again. 

Like-Comment-Follow is exactly what it sounds like. Search a hashtag that relates to your brand or music, creative project, etc., and find a top post that looks like someone who would respond to your offer would “like.” Start going through the people who liked the post (by clicking the likers at the bottom left of the post.” 

As you go through, stop at and click on the profiles you see of people who fit your target market. Leave a like and a thoughtful comment on one of their recent posts. Follow them on your way out. 

By doing it this way, methodically, you are attracting just the right people with every single follow you use. They will be grateful for your interaction on their profile. Combine that with these people being someone prone to love your brand, and you’ve got a recipe for success. 

Spend 10 minutes five-nine times a day doing this and you will see great results, fast. Another way to find posts to browse their likers is to find competitors’ accounts by using the search function and making a list. I strongly suggest using hashtags as well. Instagram follower growth will come with the combination of hashtags and competitor accounts. The search function on Instagram is a marketers’ best tool. 

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