Marijuana Legalization in California: Lessons Learned, a Cannabiz Infographic

It’s almost been one year since recreational marijuana sales began in California. From the perspective of this medical patient and consumer, it’s not going well. First, as a medical patient, I am still beholden to the full price and the full amount of recreational cannabis taxation, which you’ll see shortly is out of control. Cannabis as a medicine is privileged in California.

Cannabis and CBD Edibles Are Through The Roof

We need regulations on the regulations. Edibles can’t come in more than packs of 100 mg, dosed out into 10 mg pieces. I was taking 30 mg three times a day when the regulations hit. Now? I can’t get the dosage I need. 100 mg is the same price 300 mg used to be. The CBD:THC 1:1 edibles that were getting anxious me through the day? No way. Those were my mood stabilizer and my anti-anxiety. Now I’m moody and anxious and way too into my bongs (snaps all day! Literally. All. Day.).

And that’s just my problem? The farmers, businesses, and even the average consumer? They have their own problems. Even my aunt has her own problems. She has been trying for literally decades to get a dispensary license. It’s virtually impossible in even the most liberal cities in the bay, and legalization has just made city councils even more resistant and even more quick to enact laws banning them.

The Marijuana Black Market Is Thriving, Still

This infographic will show that the black market is only strengthened by California’s so-far-failed attempt at legalization. One of the driving forces behind legalization is to end the black market, as was the case with the repeal of alcohol prohibition. The black market is the only logical place to go in California. Check out this graphic to see why, all info from The New York Times.

Legalization in California.png